The Human Is My Favorite Animal.

In 1964, on my twelfth birthday, I was given a baseball glove and a camera.  Both nice gifts but only one stepped forward with a clear voice and said, "Tom, I am your camera.  There will be others but I am your first camera. Now... get to work because If you look thru my lens long enough and hard enough I will reveal fantastic things that others can't see."  Many photographs later I found out these "fantastic things" were humans.  Since then, I've always looked at people as though I were seeing them for the first time.  So fascinating, creature like and well worth the artistic endeavor.     

My photo world is a compelling place where I find the light rich and beautiful, my subjects intriguing and sometimes unorthodox.  My method depends on careful collaboration with my subjects in the studio or ( if time permits ) on the streets.  Street photography and fashion photography, like two limbs of the same people photography tree.  

Thanks for visiting me on my journey to explore what it's like to be Human.  

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"TBow's photos are strange, but good."  Joe McNally

"TBow ... you are as crazy as me."  Bruce Gilden

"T. Bowden's photos echo the fantastic evocative portraits of Diane Arbus, whilst putting a soft, more human touch to the subjects.  Touching, emotive, fascinating and sometimes confronting images constantly come from this wonderful creativity."  Tony Tulloch